• Spiritual & Creative Hub

    We offer a safe welcoming environment to learn, grow spiritually and creatively.

    Our in-house classes are geared to help your mind, body and spirit at your pace and assist you through your journey, whatever it may be. We are open to all communities, genders, identities, races and ages. We do not cater to any specific religion nor are we against any practices or beliefs. Our goal is to be of aid and introduction to creating a more confident, stronger you.


    At our center we host and provide a space for various events and workshops to also aid in your journey.


    We have a community based co-creating space for our fellow entrepreneurs looking to connect with like minded individuals, hold meetings, conferences, need solitude to get creative, feel inspired and get work done.


    We also carry spiritual products including crystals that are hand picked to reach both the metaphysical and cultural purposes. We teach, we share and welcome you to do the same for your community. Check our offerings, reviews, join our online family and/or come in for a visit to feel our space.

  • Offerings

    In-House Services include

    Spiritual & Intentional Products


    Monday-Friday 10AM- 7PM

    At our space you can find a selection of handpicked products that have been infused with reiki and/or cleansed by our spiritual practitioners. Our prices start at $2. We carry cleansing products, ritual candles, altar and cathedral crystals as well as jewelry.


    Spiritual and Intentional products are used as tools and amplifiers for manifestation and healing. We take our time to educate you on its metaphysical use, cultural use and properties.

    Spiritual Readings

    WALK-INS Monday -Friday 10AM-4PM

    Call for appointments after walk-in hours

    Our Spiritual Reader has 30 years of experience and currently applies the energy of light and water in your session. You will receive messages that come from spirit and aid you through deepening your relationship to the divine for spiritual growth.


    $40 a session



    Sparkle Community Library


    Monday- Friday 10AM -7PM

    "Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore, achieve and contribute to improving our quality of life. Libraries change lives for the better."


    We understand the beautiful feeling of holding a book, feeling its pages and diving into light through words but we also know once we're done the investment made can be recycled and gifted. Why buy when you can share with your community?


    Our Sparkle Library consists of over 200 books and is free for all who come in for services and/or to utilize the space. Our annual membership is $85 and allows you to checkout up to 2 books at a time.

    Co-Creating Space


    Monday- Friday 10:30AM - 6:30PM

    8We once managed this space as a co-working space but the community beautifully created something greater. Our space is now a community co-creating space. Where creatives meet for either solitude or to join the minds. Our welcoming open area is adorned in a comfy lounge setting with complimentary water, coffee, tea and the occasional red wine. We offer basic office supplies including dry erase boards, books and our professional light box that's easy to use for those that need to create content of their products on a budget. Many of our guests have connected, built and created events together all from meeting here. We create a vibe and harmonious space for the new age but still leave room for those that need some solo-tude.


    Solo-tude $30 up to 4 hours

    Quick Meets $15 for 1 hour (up to 3 guests)



    Solo-tude $130 a month UNLIMITED

    Meetings $180 a month UNLIMITED (up to 3 guests)


    Meditation Class & Session


    Meditation is a practice of mindfulness. You train your mind on attention and awareness and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm stable state.

    We provide and create a high vibrational session by adorning our room and altar for you. We teach you techniques to meditate effectively and go through a guided meditation scanning your body and have an intercession.

    Meditation reduces stress, controls anxiety, promotes emotional health, enhances self awareness, lengthens attention span, reduces memory loss, aids in fighting addictions and generates patience and kindness.


    Once a month we host a special curated workshop that is designed by astrological dates and includes digesting or inhaling herbs with group activities that focus on blockages, time & portal travel.



    Thursdays Meditation + Reiki 12PM-5PM $20


    Weekly Evening Group 7PM $15

    Workshop $35


    Ages 13 & up.

    Reiki Healing


    Reiki is a form of alternative medicine called energy healing. Our Reiki Masters use a technique called Palm healing. They transfer energy from their palms to you to encourage, heal emotional and physical disruptions. Reiki healing promotes harmony and balance. Creates deep relaxation, dissolves energy blockers and assist in body cleansing from toxins and supports the immune system.


    Monday Private with Medium 5PM: $180

    Monday Group with Medium 7PM: $35


    Thursdays Private with Enchantress 12PM- 5PM $130



    Thursdays Meditation + Reiki with Enchantress 12PM-5PM $20


    Ages 16 and up.



    Chakra Balancing

    Yin Yoga


    Yin Yoga is a slow paced style of yoga as exercise incorporating principles of traditional Chinese medicine with postures that are held for longer periods of time. Yin Yoga targets connective tissues including facia, bones and joints. It reduces stress, increases circulation, balances organs, relieves tension, improves flexibility and encourages mindfulness and meditation. Our Yin class is spiritual based and we cleanse and adorn our space and practice mindfulness, releasing and letting go trauma by opening our chakras.


    Wednesdays Intimate 5PM $30

    Wednesdays Group 7PM $15


    Ages 13 and up

    Time Out Tuesdays

    Hatha Yoga


    Our class is curated for beginners looking to find ways to relax from their busy lives and learn techniques to do at home. Simple listen & copy style.


    Tuesdays Intimate 5PM $30

    Tuesdays Group 7PM $15


    Ages 13 and up

    Groove Flow

    Vinyasa Yoga


    Groove Flow Yoga is a special class we curated with influence of traditional Vinyasa practice and New age tunes. We get a little adventurous while vibin' and flowing through the tunes. The class is catered for those needing to release specific tension in their body while flexing and strengthening their muscles. We target muscles rarely used with dance & holding postures then flow through with breathing techniques and meditation.


    Sundays Group $15


    Ages 16 and up

    Baby & Children Yoga


    Baby and Children yoga is the use of various poses and positions to promote general health and well being. The postures and positions used help to provide flexibility, beneficial stretching, improve muscle tone and coordination. The benefits teaches self acceptance, reduces anxiety, teaches calming techniques and builds confidence.


    Our classes are more like workshops. We include mats, beverages and gift children with crystals. We recognize the importance of movement, teach them about mindful meditation and the importance of community. Parents are not obligated to join but are welcomed.


    Saturdays Baby 12PM $20

    Saturdays Children 1PM $20


    Baby ages 1-5

    Children ages 6-12

    Intent Room

    Call, email or visit to inquire

    Beautifully adorned as an enchanted greenery room.

    Includes Earth element altar, 20 meditation mats, yoga mats, sensory items for children, sound machine, Bluetooth speakers.


    Max 20 guests


    $50 an hour during business hours

    $75 an hour outside of business hours

    Additional furniture including chairs, tables, massage table $20 a session.

    Private Room For Rent

    Call, email or visit to inquire

    Adorned and equipped for Private Reiki Healing and Massages. Can be utilized for a variety of private healing sessions.


    Available: Monday - Friday 10AM- 5PM

  • Simple Schedule View

    Monday- Friday 10AM- 4PM Spiritual Readings $40


    Sundays 12PM Groove Flow Yoga $15


    Mondays 10AM-4PM Massages (prenatal & intuitive included)

    Mondays 5PM Private Reiki with Medium $180

    Mondays 7PM Group Reiki with Medium $35


    Tuesdays 5PM Intimate Time Out Tuesday Yoga $30

    Tuesdays 7PM Group Time Out Tuesday Yoga $15


    Walk-In Wednesdays 10AM-4PM Sparkle Education Free

    Wednesdays 5PM Intimate Group Yin Yoga $30

    Wednesdays 7PM Group Yin Yoga $15


    Thursdays 11AM-5PM Private Reiki $130

    Thursdays 11AM-5PM Walk-in Meditation with Reiki Healing $20

    Thursdays 7PM Group Meditation $15

    Last Thursday of every month 7PM Workshop $35

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    Because all of our classes are intimate and programmed to close the center we require a 72 hour notice for a credit. No refunds or exchanges on classes, services or merchandise.